Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

This is another weird and creative show I would highly recommend. I thought Season 1 was written much better than Season 2, but check it out and see what you think:


Excerpt: [or click here to watch the clip]


GORDON: Give us the dog or I kill her!

DIRK: Give us ‘the her’ or we’ll throw the dog off the bridge.

TODD: What??

DIRK: I’m bluffing. But if he shoots her, throw the dog off the bridge.

GORDON: Why did you attack us?

DIRK: We didn’t! How do you know who we are?

GORDON: We don’t! Where’s the kitten?

TODD: What kitten?

DIRK: Who’s that woman?

GORDON: You don’t know her?

DIRK: Do you?

GORDON: Why did you burn my house down?

DIRK: I burnt your house down?!

TODD: Where’s Lydia?

GORDON: She’s not here. Bring me the dog!

DIRK: Why do you want it?

GORDON: Why did you take it?

TODD: We don’t know!

GORDON: Why did you kill Patrick Spring?

TODD: We didn’t!

DIRK: Did you?

GORDON: Just just bring me the dog!


Two FBI agents use fancy equipment to listen to the conversation on the bridge.

AGENT 1: What the hell are they talking about?

AGENT 2: Dogs, cats… I don’t know.

AGENT 1: These are the stupidest goddamn people alive.

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