British Phrases

Yo, I’m back! I mentioned I would add to my list of awesome British phrases, so here are some of my latest discoveries, mostly found while watching The Great British Baking Show:

  • “Mad as a box of frogs”
    • Translation: crazy as a container of animals who know how to hop. I had a box of frogs once. Was it mad? Yes. Yes, it was.
  • “Don’t lose your rag”
    • I just hate it when my rag goes missing! I blame the cat.
  • “Blow me”
    “But blow me if it didn’t work.
    • Mary Berry used this phrase—-to my great surprise—-to express her enthusiasm about an inspired flavor combination. I think it means something slightly different in Britain. I had on cultural blinders, but no more.


I frickin’ love this show!

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