Peter Pan & the Curse of the Millennial

I care so much about this project it fucking hurts.

But it’s also quite scary to share it with other people. Sometimes I don’t know how to express myself. What’s more, I’m positive I’m the only one who experiences thoughts of this type.

For ages I was trying to figure out what the idea of The Gay Adventures was really about. I had this strange feeling that it was about being HUMAN, not being queer. Are the two concepts mutually exclusive? I dunno. I heard somewhere that God Hates Fags, so…

But the other day, I had what Michael Scott would call an “epiphery.” I realized I am not just queer, I am also a millennial. And yes, I hate that word as much as you do.

I have personally never identified as a millennial, I have always felt like an old man trapped in a young, oddly-shaped body.

  • My parents had to coerce ME into getting my first cellular telephone.
  • I’ve had a face-book page twice in my life, and neither time lasted more than a week.
  • I don’t bring my phone with me when I go out, and it often falls behind the bed and I forget about it.
  • I give my electronic-mail address out to as few people as possible, and have also deleted said account on multiple occasions.
  • My older sibling had to explain to me what “troll” means. I still don’t get it.

AND YET…here comes the shocking twist: I am still a product of my time. Specifically, the expectation for instant gratification, to be constantly entertained, to do work which is meaningful & helps the world… You know, stupid shit like that.

Anyhoo, I was scrolling through the YouTube as us youngsters do, and I came across a very interesting video of Simon Sinek.

After watching it, first I sat there, then I said [to no one in particular] “Oh, that’s what my project’s about!”


My whole life, I have struggled with feelings of SEPARATION.

Millennials, in general, struggle with symptoms brought on by separation from:

  • The Earth
  • Other People
  • Themselves

It’s a current epidemic, with huge rises in depression, not crafting deep relationships or trust, the desire to make a difference mixed with the conflicting desire of instant gratification.

And completely without realizing it, NEVERLAND in The Gay Adventures is set up, uh, not exactly to ‘fix’ these problems, but to make it a little more difficult to completely numb yourself to anything&everything.

In Neverland, everyone is forced to interact with:


They have to build a shelter, they have to find food. They can’t conveniently run to the grocery store or distract themselves by staying inside all day and watching TV…


Virtually [haha, get it???] none of them have survival skills, so they are forced to interact and team up, even with people who don’t speak the same language, they have biases against, or have very different world views. In addition, they don’t have the plethora of distractions like TV, phones, and the internet. They’re more likely to get board, and they’re more likely to actually talk to each other.


As above, they have far fewer distractions, and are FORCED to spend time with themselves whether they like it or not. Also, as they wish and want for their memories back, as they get them back, they have to face the difficulties that happened to them a second time. Their dreams also bring them some truths they might rather not face. Being with others, and having them say true things to you that piss you off, really helps you get to know yourself more than anything.


I’ve heard this crazy theory that people create things to figure their own shit out, and I may be starting to believe it. As a strong introvert, connection is not always the easiest thing for me. But it’s neigh impossible to do so if you flatly refuse to connect with yourself. *


*This clichéd statement has been brought to you by: ME **



**When I looked up “neigh impossible” to make sure I was using it correctly, the example given was: knitting a sweater in one night. Not stopping a war with a “Can’t we all just get along?” speech, or surviving an alligator attack. No. Knitting a sweater in one night is the hardest thing you will ever attempt. More than that—it’s neigh impossible!


Leave a comment to let me know that I’m completely wrong about everything I just said, and/or that you maybe kinda sorta feel that way sometimes.

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