“Failure to Thrive”

The Gay Adventures, Excerpt:


Smee rows a moldy old rowboat; Hook frowns into the distance.

HOOK: I feel for these boys. I do. It’s thanks to Peter they have no adults to put them down. I mean, to pick them up. A classic case of FTT.  (throws a glance at Smee)  To the layman, of course, that would be ‘Failure to Thrive.’

SMEE: They seem to be thriving to me, Captain.  (then)  I thought you agreed to leave those
child psychology books lie.

Hook avoids Smee’s eyes.

HOOK: Indeed, I was going to put the book down, Smee, so I could go about my
regular business. But most unfortunately my hook got stuck in the cover and I literally could not let go. So now I carry it with me, so we might never be apart.

Hook touches his breast pocket gently.


a lil’ sidenote: Hook is referencing an older understanding of Failure to Thrive, when children who did not receive enough physical contact lost interest in eating, and appeared to simply give up on life.

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