The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

A special thanks to Veggie Tales for being awesome.

I was first introduced to Veggie Tales by my roommate in college, and I never looked back. By far my favorite segment is Silly Songs with Larry, and by far my favorite Silly Song is the pirates who don’t do anything.


As if I didn’t already love the song enough, it reminds me of Captain Hook and his bedraggled crew.

It’s disturbing how our society stereotypes pirates as people who went out and got things done. What of the pirates who prefer to just stay home and lie around?


Excerpt, The Gay Adventures:

NARRATOR:  Hook was a very brave man. Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but when you fear as many things as he does, you are brave to even get out of bed in the morning.

HOOK:  I am staying in bed today, Smee.

SMEE:   I don’t think so, Captain.  C’mon, up-and-at-’em!

HOOK:  At whom?

Smee rolls Hook out of bed and he ends up on the hard floor, wrapped so tightly in the blankets he can’t escape.

HOOK:  (muffled) As usual, Smee, you have somehow managed to make a bad situation worse.

SMEE:  Will you be taking your tea on the floor today, Captain?


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