Peter & John

Within The Gay Adventures, Peter & John are two people who annoy the hell out of each other, whose relationship eventually blossoms into an awkward prepubescent romance. Together, they will be living proof that opposites repulse and infuriate, but also kind of intrigue, attract, and obnoxiously force you to grow if you stick it out.


Sample Scene, Peter & Wendy [with minor changes]

PETER:  Would you like an adventure now, John, or would you like to have your tea first?

JOHN:  What…What kind of adventure?

PETER:  There’s a pirate asleep in his pajamas just beyond that tree.  If you like, we’ll go and kill him.

NARRATOR:  John looked, but he didn’t see anyone.

JOHN:  I don’t see anyone.

PETER:  I do.

JOHN:  Suppose…he were to wake up.

PETER:  You don’t think I would kill him while he was sleeping!  I would wake him first and then kill him.  That’s the way I always do.

Peter waits impatiently.

PETER:  (cont’d)  Well?  What do you say, John?

JOHN:  (after a moment)  Tea, please.


Sample Scene, The Gay Adventures

NARRATOR:  Peter and John were making out.  It was nice, thought Peter, to make out with someone like John.  For one thing, he was attracted to John, and that caused sexual arousal.  If there had been something else, he couldn’t remember.  It was nice, thought John, to make out with someone like PeterPeter is kinda cool.  Plus, he tastes like pine needles. cThat’s when Peter broke away.

PETER:  I have a confession.

JOHN:  What is it?

Peter looks down at his hands.

PETER:  I’m attracted to you.

JOHN:  (taken aback)  Oh.  That’s fine.  I think I knew that, anyway.

PETER:  Really?  You don’t think that’s gay or anything?


JOHN:  What?

NARRATOR:  John was taken aback.  He had always known that he wasn’t gay, but to hear his boyfriend say that he might be was concerning.

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