Proper British Insults

Captain Jas. Hook is a proper British gentleman, so we are all jealous of him, for he is from the time and place with the best insults of all time.

If you don’t believe, read on…

Poltroon: a lowly coward

Slaturn: a woman of loose morals

Cumberworld: a worthless person or thing

Cumberground: person who just takes up space

[basically, add ‘cumber’ to anything and you’ve got yourself a quality insult!]

Cupboard-Lover: one who insincerely professes love for the sake of gain

Fustilugs: a ponderous clumsy person

Ultracrepidarian: one who is presumptuous and offers advice or opinions beyond one’s sphere of knowledge

Smell-Feast: one given to finding out and getting invited to parties

Knipperdolling: a religious fanatic

Flibbertigibbet: a silly flighty person

Fopdoodle: [plural fopdoodles] A stupid or insignificant fellow; a fool; a simpleton

Driggle-draggle: an untidy woman/prostitute

Fustilarian: A low fellow; a stinkard; a scoundrel

Bedswerver: an adulterer

Drate-Poke: a fellow who drawls or speaks indistinctly

Gnashgab: someone who only ever seems to complain


Source: Mental Floss

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