Why Peter Pan should be Queer [a convincing argument]

Not Peter in general, but the story itself.

  1. Because everyone should be queer. I’m more comfortable if everyone in the world is like me.
  2. Because his last name is ‘Pan.’
  3. Because his first name is ‘Peter.’
  4. Because of Michael Llewelyn-Davies [note: if you have absolutely no clue that is, visit my other post, ‘Who is Michael?’]
  5. Because he actively ignores all CLEARLY EXPRESSED interest from both Tinkerbell and Wendy. “But,” you say, “That doesn’t make him gay!” to which I say “Hey, shut up.”
  6. Because he’s on an island full of men, and up until Wendy [who aggressively forced herself on Peter] he surrounded himself only with other boys.

On a more serious note, the original idea of Peter was birthed by JM Barrie’s brother David, who died as a child and thus never grew up. When I think of boys who don’t get a chance to grow up, I think of your young bullied gay boys, who because they took their own lives, will now never get the opportunity to grow old and do things they hate. And I for one won’t stand for it.

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