Let’s Talk about Race: Part II – Why is Peter so White?

I think at this point, it’s pretty much assumed that Peter has been, is, and will be played by a white person. But bear with me as I ask, why? 

I mean… Why?

In my mind, Peter is meant to symbolized the “everyboy,” a word I just made up. And what is the go-to when it comes to representing all humankind? A white person, naturally.


Peter Pan (Disney), 1953
Peter Pan Live, 1954
Peter Pan, 2003


Peter Pan Live, 2014












Pan, 2015






Wouldn’t it make more sense for Peter to be played by someone mixed race? Someone from all over who could speak to those all over, since the desire for freedom, fun, and adventure is universal? Really, just let him be played by someone…not white.


“Dear God, I’m white!”



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