“I simply can’t” [Part II]

Whenever someone tells me it’s “just too hard” to use the right pronoun for a trans or gender queer person, I always think–

Are you trying to tell me it’s too hard to use your brain power? If I decided to exchange the word ‘cup’ with chair’ I could do it. I might mess up a few times, but if I concentrated, and if it was important to me, I would accomplish it quickly.

That in mind, what you’re basically saying to me is “Your identity is not important enough to me to add or remove the letter ‘s’.”

she –> he

he –> she

Very difficult.

“I would rather undermine your identity every time I do it wrong. That’s much more fun.”

To which I say, “Why am I friends with you? Oh–I’m not anymore. Goodbye, I’m going over here now.”

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