And Sexism to Boot!

The 2015 movie Pan didn’t miss a beat! Not only was Tigerlily white as a ghost, she also fell into the delightful [and not at all outdated or overused trope] of being a tough girl who stands up for herself and doesn’t need a man, who nevertheless totally falls for the man who was originally misogynistic towards her.

But that doesn’t matter, because she punched him in the face! No. Wrong. Bad. That actually makes it worse, since it sends the message that even independent women truly want to be with someone who belittles them, and carries them–literally and figuratively.

“Save me!”

So keep at it, men! No matter how annoying you are, or if you don’t respect women, those same women will eventually find this behavior endearing if you just keep at it. Remember, no means yes! She’s just playing hard to get.

“We’re in love now. What do you mean you can’t tell? We’re both attractive, and we’re in the same general vicinity.”











For a more detailed look at strong women being ‘put in their place’ by confident men, check out this video, Abduction as Romance. Of course, Tigerlily is not abducted by James, but she still falls for exactly what she’s originally depicted to despise.


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